Error 1004

Offer empathy statement and ask for the name of the title. I'm sorry your having trouble playing [Name of title]
Aask probing questions: Ensure Zendesk is properly documented. Always include SD/HD, Rent/Buy version, device model info, etc • Are you getting a specific error message with this code?
• Are you using a pc or device
• If a device: What type of device or you using?
• What is the model?
• Are you having trouble playing other titles as well?
• Have you tried playing it on a PC or another device?

Recommend that the customer try watching it from a PC

or other connected device


If the customer is unable to watch title from a PC or other device

(or just to provide context for the customer)...
This is a known issue with some older devices that run an older version of our app.

Our engineers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

I’ve removed [title name] from your library and have given you a [INSERT AMOUNT]

store credit for the amount that was lost.

IMPORTANT NOTE If the customer does not want store credit & request a refund. Please process the refund.
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