Connectivity error message on your internet connected device (e.g., a Blu-ray player or TV)

Please make sure you have a minimum of 1.5Mbps internet connection - this is required to use the service. A 3 Mbps or higher internet connection is recommended for the best viewing experience. If you are unsure what your connection speed is, you can test it at a site like .

Here are some selected trouble shooting steps/tips that will assist with getting the best connection to your internet connected device to watch movies. For more information, please view the manual that came with your device or download it from it's product page.

-Make sure that you have updated to the latest software for your internet connected device.

-Many network connection problems during set up can often be fixed by re-setting the router or modem.

-Many router companies offer firmware updates. These updates generally improve stability, range, and accessibility for your router and may improve the internet connected device's ability to connect with your wireless network. Visit your router manufacturer's web site for more information.

-Even if the internet connected device is properly connected and configured, some internet content may not operate properly because of internet congestion, the quality or bandwidth of your internet service, or problems at the provider of the content.

-Some internet connection operations may not be possible due to certain restrictions set by the internet service provider (ISP) supplying your broadband internet connection.

-A 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX LAN port is required for wired connection to this player. If your internet service does not allow for such a connection, you will not be able to connect the player.

-Turn off all unused network equipment in your local home network. Some devices may generate network traffic. Using a Wireless Connection As a first step, try connecting your internet connected device directly into your internet connection via an ethernet cable. This will determine if your player can recognize your network. If the device recognizes your network, continue with the tips below. If the device doesn't recognize your network via the Ethernet cable, then verify that you can connect to the internet with a computer.

If you have access to the internet via a computer, review the General Tips above for troubleshooting information or contact the device's manufacturer. The wireless network operates at 2.4GHz radio frequencies that are also used by other household devices such as cordless telephone, Bluetooth® devices, microwave oven, and can be affected by interference from them. For the purpose of the better transmission, placing the player from the access point as close as possible. In some instances, placing the access point or wireless router at least 1.5 ft (0.45m) above the floor may improve the reception. Move closer to the access point if possible or re-orient the player so there is nothing between it and the access point. The reception quality over wireless depends on many factors such as type of the access point, distance.

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