How do I enable closed captions on XBox 360?

Turn on closed captions on your Xbox 360 console

Note If you enable closed captions on your Xbox 360 console, you'll see closed captions on all closed caption-enabled video content that you play on your console.

    1. On your console, go to Settings and select Console Settings.
      Note Not seeing Settings? You might be using an old version of the console software. For information about how to update it, see Update your Xbox 360 console software.
    2. Select Display.
    3. Select Closed Caption.
    4. To see closed captions in the default Media Settings view, click Use Media Setting.

To personalize closed captions, click Use customer style and follow the steps to customize the closed captions for the following:

    • Background color
    • Background transparency
    • Caption effect
    • Color (of letters)
    • Size (of letters)
    • Style (of letters)
    • Windows color
    • Windows transparency

Foreign language subtitles

Follow these steps to change subtitle settings at any time while viewing a video purchased or rented through Xbox Video on your Xbox 360 console:

  1. Select the A button to bring up the video controls.
  2. Select CC/Subtitles.
  3. Select the desired language and adjust the settings as needed.

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