How long is the viewing period for rented or purchased titles?


If you purchase (buy) a movie or TV show, you can watch your title as many times as you like by downloading it to up to five compatible devices or by streaming unlimited times on any compatible browser or device.  

A purchase comes with five licenses. A license is delivered and consumed if you download your title to your CinemaNow Player, iOS or Android device. In order to stream your movie or TV show, you'll need to one license.  It is always recommended to keep one license for this purpose, meaning limit the amount of downloads of the title to 4 instances.  With the single remaining license you'll be able to have UNLIMITED streaming of the title. 


Rentals typically have a 24 or 48 hour viewing window, which means you only have 24/48 hours from the fist time you start playing or downloading the content to complete the viewing.  From the date of the rental you will have 30 days to start watching the title.

When renting a title, a single license is provided which can be used to either stream or download the content.  Once you stream the title, it is no longer available for download and vice versa.  You can stream a rental to one device at a time (you can continue viewing the rental on another device as long as you are within the viewing window).  You can download the rental only once.  After the license has expired, you will need to rent the movie again in order to view the title.

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